Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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Your Ultimate Guide to Home Security Systems

Do home security systems really work? What are the benefits of having a security system installed in a home? Is it true that pets cause false alarms? These are valid questions, and they are very common questions that home security companies are asked each day. 

Home Security Systems
Guide to Home Security Systems

This guide was created to help answer some of those common questions concerning home security systems. What is a home security system? Home security systems are electronic systems that homeowners install in their residences to detect and deter unwanted intrusions. 

A security system for a home can be simple and inexpensive, or it can be elaborate and costly. The best thing about home security systems is that they are easy to customize to fit the security needs of any home. How much does a home security system cost? Home alarms get broken down into two categories: do-it yourself home alarms or professionally installed home security systems. DIY alarms are generally simple wireless systems that most individuals can purchase and install themselves; thus eliminating the need to pay professional alarm installation charges. DIY home security systems range in price from fifty to several hundred dollars, depending on the equipment purchased. 

Wireless home security systems take very little time to install and can save a consumer money on their installation costs. Which is better, a hardwired or wireless home security system? Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing a security system for their home. Some people prefer hardwired home security systems because they have been around the longest, and they have more confidence in them. Others prefer the simplicity of installation and the wide array of options wireless home alarm systems have to offer. As far as reliability, both types of home security systems are effective burglary deterrents. Choosing to go wired or wireless is more of a personal preference than a worry of which security system is more reliable than the other is. Is it possible to secure a home with an alarm system if you have pets? In the past, pets and home security systems made a bad combination. Motion detectors were not as advanced years ago as they are now. Pet immune motion detectors, when installed correctly, have the technology to distinguish between a human and an animal. Therefore, the concern of a family's cat or dog tripping a motion detector while they are away is no longer an issue. 

 What other benefits do home security systems offer? Besides providing household protection, homes with home security systems installed in them may experience an increase in their property values. In fact, many home buyers list a home security system as a feature they look for when purchasing a new home. In addition, many home insurers now offer discounts to homeowners that have an alarm system installed and monitored in their residence. Out of all the benefits that home security systems offer, most would agree that having a home protected by one provides them with the most important benefit of all: peace of mind.


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