Monday, January 19, 2015

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Michael Moore - I dare you to come to Fort Bragg, or Camp Lejeune, or Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, or Camp Pendleton, or Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, and get in a sniper's face and call him a coward. I dare you. I guess we'll see who the real coward is now, eh? - S.L.

Dear Shitbag:

That's mighty bold of you sitting there in your size ginormous pajamas bad mouthing a man who had more chutzpah in his little finger than you've got in your entire bloated body. I guess it's easy for you to call someone else a coward when your excuse for not serving is you're too obscenely obese even in your prime to pass a military medical screening.

Just to show how out of sync you are with reality; if it wasn't for the efforts of THIS American Sniper there probably wouldn't even BE an America - which would probably suit you fine seeing as you hate your own country even more than you obviously hate yourself.

Heads Up Michael Moore: We invaded Italy, France & Germany - none of those countries attacked us - was America's role in World War II illegal & immoral? History judges otherwise . . .

Your comment is hateful and totally unnecessary Michael Moore, and because I'm not a coward if you like I'll say it to your face: you, sir, are an absolute shitbag . . .



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