Monday, December 22, 2014

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This is a project I am intimately involved in at this time - S.L.

Some of you may be aware that, between contracts, I've been helping my wife to stand up her own art gallery; her lifelong dream.

We sank everything into this opportunity, and worked like crazy to make the December 5th opening date. It's been a very successful operation so far, however . . . the week before opening day, disaster struck. Ki - a.k.a. TigerLily - tells it in her own words on a video posted on her Kickstarter page.


Basically, Ki's kiln died. The kiln is a critical piece of equipment to the entire operation. We sank everything we have into the gallery, and now we need to reach out. We understand it is a difficult time of year to be requesting donations and so we are offering like-value rewards for donations.

Because Ki's kiln is broken she cannot fire these latest creations.


Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing arrangement. We either make the entire $3700 goal by 2 January 2015 - and we're within $805 dollars with eleven days to go - or we get nothing.

I have never asked for anything in return for all the time & effort I've put into Blog STORMBRINGER but circumstances require that I reach out at this time. If you cannot make a donation, please help spread the word by sharing this post in your social media - Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is a worthy cause . . .

More information and many pics of her incredible artwork on the Gallery's Facebook page. We're also on Twitter @Gallery122 and of course all of my wife's works are on display HERE

We Thank You for Your Support!



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