Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Got a call on Friday from an "IRS Agent". He informed me that I had been audited on my returns between 2008 and 2012. I was then informed that I had no right to appeal this and if I contacted a lawyer then the IRS would come at me with criminal charges, put a lien on my house, garnish my wages and more.

I told him that I've done my taxes with either Turbo Tax or H&R Block for those years and with Turbo Tax I paid for the audit defense. I told him, I want to know exactly which year specifically and what the issue was.

The "IRS Agent" said I could resolve everything today if I bought some sort of gov't green dot bonds and gave him the serial number of the bond for him to confirm and the associated PIN number with it. Then, after confirming everything, he would then arrange for me to sit down with a local IRS agent to discuss the issue.

Definitely sounded like a scam but he did have my name, address and phone number and seemed to know tax law so I asked him to call me back in 20 minutes. I needed to "contact" my bank.

Oh, his "name" was John Ryan . . . (Jack Ryan - Hunt for Red October - get it?) . . . did a quick google search of his name, phone number and IRS and sure enough, it popped up as an IRS scam. So, now I've been calling him and harassing the heck out of this guy. If anyone receives a call from an IRS Agent calling himself John Ryan, beware . . .

Oh, his phone number - just in case anyone wants to call and "talk" to him - is: 202-241-7436.

Have fun with that. It's a riot!!



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