Friday, June 20, 2014

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Presenting Kristin Beck, retired Navy SEAL, Afghanistan war vet, and Americas first tranny war hero . . . S.L.

Kristin Beck is a transgender who served in the Navy SEALs as Chris Beck. Beck was recently in a CNN biography Lady Valor and also is the subject and co-writer of the book Warrior Princess.

Beck served on Navy SEAL Team 6, also known as US Navy Special Warfare Development Group.

Beck’s transition started in 2011 after his retirement from the military. Revealing this information any sooner would have resulted in immediate discharge from the military.

Making this news public was very important to Beck because he is now be able to live in a manner consistent of his life-long gender awareness as a female. Beck currently is leading the fight for acceptance of transgender soldiers in the military, which is currently not permitted.

A large part of his book, Warrior Princess, focuses on the suicide rates among transgender individuals. As of June 2013, when the book was published, the suicide rate among transgender individuals was exponentially higher than in the general population. The prevention of suicide of transgender combat veterans is a very important issue to Beck.

I was not aware there were enough tranny combat veterans to be able to collect data suitable to make quantifiable analysis.

Notice I use the male pronoun in reference to Kristin Beck. For the record - a dick-ectomy doesn't make one a woman any more than wearing a dog collar makes one a dog. To maintain this myth is an insult to women, and it's striking that this point of view is propagated by women who label themselves feminists.

Am I the only one who remembers it was not that long ago transsexuals were labelled freaks and weirdos? When did this become acceptable, to the point that it is being forced upon us by the politically correct crowd. Nowadays, to openly speak out against this kind of sexual perversion is to label oneself as bigoted and intolerant, with penalties for "discriminating" against what is one hundred percent unnatural.

Please take note: there is no DNA involved here. There is no "Gay DNA" - at least none detected by scientists when they mapped the entire human genome. For all we know, "gay" is nothing more than a sexual kink, and yet we are to embrace this lunacy as if it is a viable alternative, a third sex for all practical purposes. What this really represents is a significant chunk of the cultural rot that is consuming our society.

Personally, I find this creepy and disgusting . . . so disturbing, my soul recoils in horror . . .



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