Saturday, May 3, 2014

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Found out on Facebook, this guy is as fake as they come - S.L.

Sean MacGregor

Works at Southern Cross Transport Tow & Recovery in Sparta Tennessee.

It took about 200 Green Berets on the secret back-channel side of FB to determine this guy is a poseur . . . there are so many immediate indicators where does one begin? Lets see here . . .

Too many commando-man scare badges - and NO HALO man alive wears Bullwinkle the Moose Wop-Wop wings over HALO - Foreign wings on his ACUs - most of SF doesn't wear anything on that uniform other than name tapes, SF and Ranger tabs and combat patch. Foreign wings have been verboten on fatigue uniforms since the mid-eighties. Master parachute wings with TWO combat jumps "mustard stains" - that's a pretty select group right there. Green Beanies don't where Ray-Bans, we wear Oakleys. Only 44 friends on FB and none of them SF. Claims 5th Group but nobody from 5th Group has ever heard of the guy. Under the 'About' section of his FB page: "Languages: German, Russian, Japanese, Farsi vs. Persian, Pashto and Dari".

That's enough, we're calling it:


Message to Mr. Sean MacGregor:

It is obvious by your lack of response to a true team guy that you like so many other AssClowns pose to be what you could never achieve. Over 150 comments and direct emails concerning you and your claims all coming from real SF guys, many of whom reside in Tennessee. Be advised, we take cases of Stolen Valor very seriously and we feed them to the appropriate agencies. This often includes contact with employers and other departments that may have granted you special offers / attention due to your phony "service". This is disrespectful and punishable under the Stolen Valor Act.

1. Apologize to those you have lied to,
2. Public admission of your lies regarding membership into the Special Forces regiment and the Ranger Regiment.
3. Remove all aspects of membership into the Special Forces regiment and the Ranger Regiment.
4. Don't be surprised when and if you actually meet with a real Special Forces soldier your lies will not work.

You should be ashamed.

However: if you are SF and me and the other 200 guys are wrong, please correct us. We will apologize. We're not holding our breath waiting on that, however.

Who says that? I say that



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