Thursday, April 3, 2014

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This is my Jack Russell, Tiny. She is totally loyal, of above average intelligence, VERY intense and incredibly fierce.

She is a serious student of the Philosophy of Controlled Chaos and a dedicated practitioner of the Ultra-Violence . . .

When Tiny first came to our house in Moore County, North Carolina, she was as small as a teacup. I told TigerLily, "She has to go back. There is no way this little thing can keep up with me and the border collie."

A couple hours later I encountered Daughter No.1 at the breakfast nook, crying. She wanted to love that little thing, with all her heart. That decided the matter, of course.

Since that time, Tiny adapted and fit right into the pack. She is an Alpha Female, actually, and tells the other dogs and all of the humans what to do. She does not run through the fields with us, she gallops on her tiny legs. In her time she has taken out squirrels, possums and moles. She is very quick and VERY lethal . .

. . . Tiny loves chicken livers and hearts, quality time running the Back Forty with The Master, and poncho liners . . .



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