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"Your wives will envy her because she will have your hearts. Your wives will be jealous of her because of the power to pull you away. This mistress will show you things never before seen and experience things never before felt. She will love you, but only a little, seducing you to want more, give more, die for her. She will take you away from the ones you love, and you will hate her for it, but leave her you never will, but if you must, you will miss her, for she has a part of you that will never be returned intact . . .

. . . and in the end, she will leave you for a younger man."

- James R. Ward, OSS

A SPECIAL FORCES ENGINEER . . . should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, con a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently and die gallantly.”

- Robert A. Heinlein

Because Special Forces is my Mistress and I must conduct myself accordingly now may be as good a time as any to declare it is time to retire the BIRDS of STORMBRINGER and move on to feature my true passions which are French accordion music and Trigonometric Tables; Radian Degree Sine Cosine Tangent Radian Degree Sine Cosine Tangent


How Laminate Flooring Could Change Your House

Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative to carpet or vinyl. Comparable in price, it delivers a luxurious feel that is elegant and refined. Easy to clean and simple to install, it should be one of the first options you look at when it’s time for new flooring.

Every Room

When you want a different look in the bathroom or kitchen, consider laminate flooring. In addition to being the ideal choice for family rooms, living rooms and bedrooms, its ability to hold up against some water makes it perfect for areas that are prone to spills and splashes. Install it in the dining room for quick and easy clean-up after every meal. Put it in the bathroom to have the look of wood without the worry. Choose it for homes on slabs where installing wood is a major chore. Finally, choose it for basements where you want an upscale look but need something that can withstand the slightly damp environment.


There is a wide range of pricing for laminate flooring, but you can easily find good quality choices that are a very affordable two dollars a square foot. Some businesses will even have special deals where you can get laminate for even less than that. While the higher-end options can easily run five to six dollars a square foot or more, the fact remains that laminate is incredibly affordable. It’s the perfect choice when you need new flooring but are facing budget restrictions. An added benefit of laminate is that it can be installed by the average homeowner without having to purchase expensive equipment or rent power tools.


There is an incredible range of colors and styles when it comes to laminate. Choose a deep cherry, warm honey or the look of stone for a contemporary décor. Stay traditional with the look of welcoming oak or make the home feel more luxurious with laminate that mimics exotic woods like Brazilian hickory or Hawaiian Koa. Whether you love the raised feel of a heavy grain or prefer pieces that are smooth to the touch, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with laminate.

Easy Installation

Installing laminate is easy thanks to the click-lock application of most brands. Pieces are laid in place, snapped together and then left alone for the small glue strip to cure. A basic saw is needed for cutting the pieces, although a power miter saw is the ideal choice for this. Other tools required include a mallet, shims to maintain spacing along the walls, tape measure and a pull bar.

Low Maintenance

Laminate is known for being easy to clean. It’s not prone to staining or tearing, so clean-up is usually as simple as sweeping the floor and then damp mopping it. Ideal for people with allergies, it’s considered a step up from linoleum.

Laminate flooring is not slick like tile, nor is it cold like tile can be. It won’t stain like carpet or rip like linoleum. Providing you with the great look of wood without any of the problems or expense, laminate is the perfect choice for most homes.

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Rear Admiral Jeremiah Denton, 7/5/1924 - 3/28/2014

"Well done, good and faithful servant . . . enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."

Jeremiah A. Denton Jr., a retired Navy rear admiral and former U.S. senator who survived nearly eight years of captivity in North Vietnamese prisons, and whose public acts of defiance and patriotism came to embody the sacrifices of American POWs in Vietnam, died March 28 at a hospice in Virginia Beach. He was 89.

Adm. Denton was widely known for his heroism as a naval aviator and prisoner of war, and particularly for two television appearances that reached millions of Americans through the evening news during the Vietnam War.

In the first, orchestrated by the North Vietnamese as propaganda and broadcast in the United States in 1966, he appeared in his prison uniform and blinked the word “torture” in Morse code — a secret message to U.S. military intelligence for which he later received the Navy Cross.

He further shocked his captors when answering questions about what he thought of U.S. actions.

“I don’t know what is going on in the war now because the only sources I have access to are North Vietnam radio, magazine and newspapers, but whatever the position of my government is, I agree with it, I support it, and I will support it as long as I live.”

For this singular statement of loyalty, Jeremiah Denton received a series of particularly brutal and horrific torture sessions that included beatings with iron rods, being suspended by his arms behind his back to the point where his shoulders dislocated, and cement rollers over his shins. During his time in Hanoi's infamous Hỏa Lò Prison (the Hanoi Hilton) and another prison known as Alcatraz - a punishment facility - Denton endured over four years in solitary confinement.

In February 1973, Admiral Denton was the first returnee to disembark from the Freedom Bird at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. I remember watching him walk down the steps of the Freedom Bird, dressed in what was obviously freshly issued Vietnam POW garments, and proudly saluting. Even though I was a kid at the time, and not yet an American citizen, I will never forget his words:

"We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve our country under difficult circumstances. We are profoundly grateful to our Commander-in-Chief and to our nation for this day. God bless America."

It was like he was THANKING America for the opportunity to serve, under such extreme hardship. This is heroism, defined.

Later, after I became a US soldier, I read his book When Hell Was In Session

Jeremiah Denton set the standard for Prisoner of War Resistance . . .



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Video Of Blonde Woman Walking Through Cairo University Shows Shocking Harrasment

This is outrageous, but its also nothing - this woman got off light, its a miracle she wasn't pack-raped like the women in Tahrir Square. Consider: this behavior took place in the leading university of what is considered the most cosmopolitan city of the Muslim world, and it was compounded by the Dean of the university, who essentially blamed the woman for what took place.

Here's the LINK

Women are enslaved and abused daily in every Muslim country. There is no more high point of Muslim culture - those days have come and gone if they ever existed at all beyond a few remote pockets of Sufi mysticism. Islam today has relegated itself into a misogynist suicidal death cult bent on taking over the world.


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What You Should Know Before Signing Home Improvement Contract

The value of your home will largely depend on how you are going to handle and manage various home improvement options. Your options will range from simple home enhancement jobs such as renovation of windows, sidings, doors and repainting to the more complicated and capital intensive projects such as home additions. Regardless of the scale and nature of the tasks involved, the success of any project will largely depend on the expertise and skill set of the person in charge.

The responsibilities of a professional shall include planning, scheduling, coordinating and executing home improvement designs and plans and delivering the desired results in a timely and efficient manner and within the established budget range. Following a simple guide, you can find the perfect specialist for your t project. The most simple and fastest way of finding a good specialist is by checking online home improvement sites and directories. You may also get some lead information from outlets. Your choice parameters must include skill set, track record and, of course, offered rates.

While it may seem obvious that you stand to save a lot if you will go for a DIY, you stand to lose BIG time if you end up with a botched-up job. Thus, it is extremely important that you carefully assess your competency and capability in performing complicated and delicate home improvement tasks. In which case, getting the services of a professional home improvement specialist is a better choice for you.

Here are several critical factors that you have to take into account when selecting the right contractor to do the job:

1. It is essential that you do your homework before you launch your search for the right contractor for your project. Home improvement projects are complicated undertakings which will cover tasks such as landscaping, swimming pool construction, tile setting and a lot of other specialized tasks that fall under the purview of home improvement. This means that you need to assess the level of competency and capability of the contractor for specific home improvement tasks.
2. It is important for your home improvement specialist to determine the actual requirements of your home. Once these issues are properly pinpointed and assessed, you must consider the reasons why you need to perform the home improvement project. Based on your declared budget, your contractor will prepare the quotation for the project. It is only after you agree on the numbers as well as the other terms of your agreement can they commence work on the home improvement project.
3. You must come up with a short list of contractors before hiring the best from such list. You may include in your short list of potential contractors those referred by relatives and friends. You can also consider contractors who have been recommended online. It is important that you check their references and review their track record before making your final choice. Your best bet when selecting the right contractor is to look for someone who has had extensive exposure to jobs similar to the ones required in your home improvement project.
4. Your contractor must list all the details of the project in their contract before the project commences. Check the details of the contract. Clarify points and issues that you might have regarding the contract. Make sure that you fully understand the content of the contract before you confirm and affix your signature.
5. Competent and reliable contractors will normally provide you information about their subcontractors and suppliers. This information is important since it is about the support system of your contractor. It is essential that you also assess the reliability of the subcontractors and suppliers.

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The only thing this man did that everybody else didn't do was to succeed. He was successful and for his sins he had to be punished. He did what Green Berets are supposed to do, I can't believe they burned him for his rank . . . S.L.

Journalist Ann Scott Tyson and Special Forces Maj. Jim Gant in eastern Afghanistan in 2012

In Afghanistan, A U.S. Special Forces Major's Meteoric Rise And Humiliating Fall

A once-promising strategy for stability in Afghanistan ended badly two years ago, along with the career of its author and chief proponent, Army Special Forces Maj. Jim Gant. His gripping story is detailed in a new book, American Spartan, by Ann Scott Tyson, the former Washington Post war correspondent who interviewed him for an admiring story in late 2009. They fell in love. Tyson eventually joined Gant in an Afghan village, where he built a reputation mobilizing local tribes against the Taliban.

A tough, wiry Special Forces soldier, Gant was decorated and recommended for promotion over 22 continuous months of combat in Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011. But in the end, the iconoclasm and disdain for military protocol that enabled Gant’s success were instrumental in his eventual downfall.

At his peak, Gant, now 46, posed such a threat to al Qaeda’s objectives that Osama bin Laden personally demanded his head, Tyson writes. Gant's lows came later, when he was accused by the military command of drinking and other violations, including keeping a "paramour,” and using tactics that recklessly endangered the lives of his troops. At the heart of the military's discomfort, Gant believes, was his insistence that he could trust his life, and those of his men, to the tribal Afghan fighters he'd trained and armed to reverse the Taliban’s spread across eastern Afghanistan.

To reach these tribes, Gant took a few seasoned Special Forces warriors "downrange," deep into rural communities where the Taliban held sway. He spent hours drinking tea and listening to village elders. He and his men grew beards. They wore Afghan clothing and learned to speak Pashto. They trained and armed village tribesmen and pledged their lives to one another. In the nonconformist tradition of the Green Berets, Gant shrugged away the U.S. military bureaucracy, with its thickets of regulations, codified as official Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. Among them: rules for specific combat operations that dictate the number of troops, types of vehicles and types of weapons used -- requirements often ignored by Special Forces teams, and especially by Gant.

Read the rest of it HERE

America has lost its will to win and Mullholland is a tool. If Churchill was running this war, Gant would have been made a General. But he's not and the piss-poor excuse for a human being we've got at the very top hasn't got a clue what a hero looks like and could care even less.

I'm a Green Beret and you earn the Green Beret every day. Mullholland needs to turn his Green Beret in he forfeited it the day he burned Major Gant . . . DISGRACEFUL . . .


Interior Designing Mobile App

Interior designing is an advanced mobile application developed for the home designers as well as for professional interior decorators. The application is compatible with almost all types of Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The users can buy ultimate version of the product for only $1.99 whereas the Lite version of interior designing is free of cost so it can be downloaded easily on all the device if you want to have a look at the features of the product. The application is available on all the geographical Apple Stores you can access it online or offline without any hassle.

Interior designing is comprised of total of six categories. These categories are based on the different locations of the home that are worth-decorating such as:

Bed Rooms: You get 100 images to play and decorate your virtual/3D home with. The application contains several images of modern bedrooms, western styled bedrooms, and hosts of other styles (cottage, eclectic, Mediterranean, romantic, contemporary, Asian, coastal, modern, old world, and traditional).

Kitchen decoration: The users can get hands on 100 images in the section. The kitchen is the pivot of home where you have to put a large investment. Decorating this part of the home is costly, but you have done it you can take advantage of the investment for the lifetime. There are several styles of kitchen decoration and all of them have been loaded in the pictures within the application. Transform your kitchen as per your desire and choose a sturdy style for the embellishment.

Kid’s rooms: Over 100 styles of kids’ rooms are provided in the pictures under this category. You have ample options to choose from modern to classic and from contemporary to colonial. You can even upload more if you want a unique twist in the designing of your kids’ room.

Bathroom decoration: You might have seen several images on bathroom decorations. But what’s provided in the application isn’t available anywhere else. The category contains so many sophisticated designs and styles for bathroom décor. Use 100 images and beautify the essence of restrooms.
TV Lounge: Under this category you are going to find numerous state-of-art and eye-candid opinions for the decoration of TV lounge. Almost all styles of TV lounge can be found available in the section. You can still add more from the Internet.

Miscellaneous: It gives you access to 100 different images of different home locations that you might want to decorate like laundry, garden, lounge, dinning room, and more.


Interior designing is available and sold in two basic versions; Lite Version and Ultimate. The Lite Version users can enjoy the features of the product, but there are some restrictions on using the pictures and features. They get limited number of graphics and images to use for creating a virtual home set-up for the designing. They will get over 100 pictures under each category of the application. On the other side, the Ultimate Versions users have freedom to access over 100 pictures present in each category. The more pictures on the version the greater outlook of the home will be. Users can access all the features such as Image Slideshow, Settings, Access all images, Update’s etc… but this option is only available in the ultimate version of the application which cost is only $1.99


You can decorate your dream home using different pictures and snapshots that are taken from the luxurious homes of the world. If you don’t want to make your home identical to these homes then you can just use the ideas and mix them to decorate your home in a different manner. Decorate your home virtually and make 3D home sketch through the application

The selected images can be put aside in the slideshow for rearrangement. You can add, set, and delete images in the slideshow and set the running time of it through slow, medium and fast options (You will find all these options in the slideshow settings).

After inserted any slideshow images into the slideshow you can view any of the slideshow images at any time via different transitions and speed (which you can set from the settings). Slideshow Basic Purpose is that you can view the favorite images in the animated form.

Once you have set your pictures altogether, you can save your work on the device. If it is needed to change the setting, you can do it anytime by rearranging the images and deleting the unwanted pictures from the slideshow. The pictures can be reset and deleted anytime after the setting.

Although, interior designing has an abundant of images, snapshots, and pictures you can still download more from the internet and add them in the application provided that you are a paid user.

Decorate your home using virtual application of interior designing and adore your home, office, and apartment yourself. The application is the fast and easy of decorating the sweet home. Take the guesswork out from the application, which is provided in the form of real-time images and graphics and decorate your home by remodeling your home on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Use an interactive platform to pile up your work and experiment with colors, pictures, and decorative materials through Interior designing.

Interior designing is certainly an innovation and exquisite application built for the connoisseurs of home decorators and internet designers who are seeking out an easy way of doing virtual designing as using 3D software(s) or applications may be very time consuming or costly to use. Interior designing is a well-thought of application whose development is done by AppzVenture (The world’s leading Mobile applications, software(s), and graphic design developers).

Share with friends and like the application:
Interior designing also allows users to share the application or end-product of home decoration or remodeling with friends, family, and world. They can use Email to promote or send their designs and also like the application accessing its Fanpage.

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1. Avoid Alliteration. Always.

2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.

3. Avoid cliches like the plague. They're old hat.

4. Comparisons are as bad as cliches.

5. Be more or less specific.

6. Writers should never generalize.

Seven: Be consistent!

8. Don't be redundant; don't use more words than necessary; it's highly superfluous.

9. Who needs rhetorical questions?

10. Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement.



This year marks the 70th anniversary of the death of Orde Wingate, arguably the most innovative and certainly one of the most eccentric senior soldiers the British have ever produced . . .

Wingate's legendary Chindits make a river crossing in Burma.

Today Ron Dermer will cross the Potomac over the Arlington Memorial Bridge to visit the National Cemetery where the murdered Kennedy brothers lie among some of the casualties from every conflict America has ever fought. There he will do something that Israeli ambassadors to Washington have been doing on March 24 for 40 years. At the headstone of a British war hero he will lay a wreath for the man who in Hebrew is called HaYedid: the Friend.

Even more unsettling for many of the officers in the Palestine Britain ruled after 1918, where a visceral anti-Semitism was not unknown, were Wingate’s Zionist sympathies. Although distantly related on his mother’s side to Lawrence of Arabia and himself an Arabic speaker who practised it at every opportunity, his unalloyed support for its Jewish settlers was considered contrary to British interests.

Winston Churchill himself famously eulogised him: “. . . a man of genius who might well have become a man of destiny . . .”

Wingate died on March 24, 1944 on a night flight in an American crewed bomber that crashed in the Naga Hills on India’s northeastern border. He was en route to one of the strongholds established well behind Japanese lines in Burma by the British troops he named Chindits, a corruption of the Burmese word for the mythical griffin like stone sentinels outside their temples: Chinthé. He was 41.

Read his incredible story HERE


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Update: Civilian Explains Why He Donned Military Uniform

Two weeks ago, Scott, 22, was confronted by veterans on the Delta College campus for wearing an Airborne Rangers uniform. Scott never served in the military. The confrontation with campus veterans escalated, and eventually led to the arrest of one man by Delta College police officers for disturbing the peace and making threats.

Total maroon toolkit claims he "failed ASVAP because he has PTSD from something that happened to him when he was three" - what? did they drop him on his head?

"I was just supporting my cousins and my family in the military. And to those who I upset and made mad, I do apologize," Scott said from outside his grandfather's Modesto home.

"[U.S. Attorney General's office] states, there is no enforceable action we could have taken against [Scott] without violating his constitutional rights," Delta College police officer Jim Bock explained.

I guess they didn't find 10 USC Sections 771 and 772 nor did they realize the Stolen Valor act had been re-born . . .

"I want to apologize to the Delta police officers for the threats they've been getting," Scott said.

Scott said he has wanted to join the U.S. Army for a long time, but failed his Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. He took special education classes and never graduated from high school.

Scott's grandfather Joe Scott said his grandson suffered a serious event at age three that left him with post-traumatic stress disorder.

You've got to be stupider than dirt to flunk the ASVAP which is a vocational test not a pass / fail test of academic knowledge . . . I mean is it even POSSIBLE to fail the ASVAP???

OK so this guy is basically a booger-eating moron drool cup candidate . . . but this NEXT guy is involved in criminal fraud and methinks he is destined for The Big House:


A Sonoma County man is accused of using a phony military background to convince people to invest in a phony business. Investors say this man used all sorts of stories -- that he's a Navy SEAL, a Special Forces sniper, a member of the Coast Guard, and the Army Corps of Engineers. All of it, not true. And now, law enforcement is investigating.

Alden Feldon told Marin County Small Claims Court, "For the $6,000 I gave him, he was going to give me $18,000 back."

Chuck Lyman has a small claims case pending against him in Marin County. Feldon says Lyman convinced him he had a deal to buy containers from the Port of Oakland, refurbish them, and sell them to the Army to help bring American troops home from Afghanistan.

That story worked with Feldon and several others, who gave Lyman money to invest. He insisted on cash.

Alden Feldon told Noyes he gave Lyman "$6,000 over time."
Susan Ferrell: "$2,500."
Darlene Stone: "$17,000."
Beth Mullen: "$30,000."

Lyman was able to draw them in, because of his tall tales of military service.

Alden Feldon told Noyes, "He said he had worked in the service and that he was currently employed in the Coast Guard."

Darlene Stone added, "When I first met him, he brought up Navy SEALs and Special Forces."

Susan Ferrell said, "I thought it was the Army Corps of Engineers, and he was like an ex-Navy SEAL."

Lyman's records that Noyes obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show all of that is not true. He spent six years with the Army National Guard Reserves as a mechanic - "no active duty".

National Guard mechanic jumps into a phone booth, come out a Special Forces, Navy SEAL Army Corp of Engineers kinda guy, and then with said new titles, scam people out of tens of thousands of dollars. I'm in the process of standing up a business right now and I need investors, and because of shitstains like this tool it's no wonder people are apprehensive about helping Vets these days . . .


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Some of the best officers I ever worked for were ROTC's . . . driving into work this morning I watched the ROTC's doing PT, running down the streets . . . they are our future leaders . . . support them . . . S.L.

I want to tell you about a pair of $500 scholarships to ROTC cadets that the AmmoMan people are hoping to award this summer. I'm told they're struggling to get applications in and so I'm helping spread the word. So far, they haven't received any applicants and nobody knows why.

If you know some worthy kids, help spread the word - we'd really appreciate some applicants. All the details and the application are available here:


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A fine and fitting funeral after 99 years for British WWI soldiers killed in battle and buried in a mass grave.

Twenty British soldiers killed in action during the First World War have finally been laid to rest with full military honors, almost 100 years after they died.

The soldiers who perished in the Battle of Loos in 1915 were found in 2010 during clearance work for a new prison near Vendin-le-Vieil, north of Arras, in France.

Ruins of Loos: The battle featured the first British use of poison gas, and followed a four-day artillery bombardment along a six-and-a-half-mile front.

Only one of the troops discovered has been identified - Private William McAleer, of the 7th Battalion the Royal Scottish Fusiliers, part of the 45th Brigade, 15th (Scottish) Division.

Born in Leven, Fife, 22-year-old McAleer died shortly after the battle began and he was identified due to his body being found with his small home-made oval metal tag with his name on it.

Sacred ground: The Dud's Corner graveyard in Loos-en-Gohelle, near the site of the battle.

All 20 soldiers were given full military honours. Private McAleer's coffin was given his own burial plot, with his headstone reading ''13766, Private W. McAleer Royal Scots Fusiliers, 26th September 1915, age 22''.

Many of those buried in the cemetery are unidentified.

"Only the Dead have seen the End of War" - Plato


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A Guide To Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

After spending a few years working around a kitchen, the one who spends the most time there will probably have a few kitchen remodeling ideas to make their experience more enjoyable. Their thoughts will probably revolve around making the kitchen area more convenient and easy to use, provided there is enough counter and cabinet space. Color and design are important pieces of the remodeling puzzle, but many kitchen remodeling ideas revolve around convenience.

After surveying the room and making notes on the kitchen remodeling ideas being suggested, it also pays to have input from other family members. Since the kitchen is the most used room in the house for the entire family, they may want some input into any changes that may be made. Looking through home remodeling magazines and pamphlets from home improvement stores can also offer kitchen remodeling ideas that may not have been thought about.

When considering kitchen remodeling ideas, carefully consider the size and shape of the room as while many may look good in the magazine, they may not fit into the existing space. Conversely, if the kitchen in the house is larger than those in the magazines, it may not give the same impression on a larger scale.

Talk To Expert Designers For Utilizing Space

Several companies may offer free design services, provided their services are used for the remodeling project and will be reluctant to offer their kitchen remodeling ideas for homeowners who plan to do the job on their own. There is also computer software available that allows you to change room colors, cabinet colors and designs without leaving your house.

The information input into the software such as the room dimensions as well as the measurements of existing large appliances can help develop some kitchen remodeling ideas based on actual sizes. More powerful software, translated into more expensive design aids, will also allow the room to be rotated and viewed from all angles before printing a final copy to give to a contactor or sales representative at the home improvement store.

When putting kitchen remodeling ideas on paper, you will need to envision traffic flow as well as the future needs of the family. A small family planning to grow in the near future will want to make the kitchen project equally as convenient for additional family members so extensive remodeling in the future can be avoided. Planning ahead can save money in the long run and make convenience for everyone more affordable.

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How Master The Provencal Home Look

To master the Provencal home look is all about using colours, textures and patterns taken from the French country side. To see the beautiful country side of Provence without actually visiting you can google the word “Provence” and look at the images. You will see a lot of yellow, greens, purples and golds which are the colour schemes you need to be looking at. You can get some beautiful fabrics with these colour schemes and Provencal designs for tablecloths, curtains and throws.

With regards to furniture you need to use as much natural wood items as possible and iron accessories. Wooden furniture with iron handles look the part. You can get some old furniture and do it up yourself by stripping down the paint to show the natural wood and then adding iron or metal knobs.

Seating should be comfortable in natural colours with bright coloured flower patterns on cushions. Living room accessories which will set off this look include picture frames made of natural materials; wicker baskets and candle stick holders make a nice touch. Fresh flowers are also a strong feature of a Provencal home so make sure you always have fresh flowers on display. As well as looking fabulous they will also make the rooms smell beautiful.

Now for the most important room in a Provencal home, the kitchen! This room should have a lovely aroma of herbs as you walk into it. Accessories in the kitchen should be brightly coloured and all handmade. French dishware comes in lots of different unique patterns and colours which will set the room off perfectly. Provencal tablecloths will make your dinning or kitchen table look really authentic. Some of the tablecloths on the market today are coated with Teflon which is a plastic coating which means any spillages are simply wiped away.

To sum up this look is really all about bringing the outside indoors. The look is charming, romantic, and very elegant. Comfy and casual are other words which spring to mind. If you really want to get a feel for what you should be creating, take a trip to Provence in the Spring time and see the beautiful spring flowers which form the country scenery.

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NRA Life of Duty presented by Brownells, Inc. - Frontlines sponsored by FNH USA

Bombs targeting Christians have been a peril that other countries have faced for many years. Now, some experts believe that a similar threat for churches on U.S. soil is vastly approaching.

Join us as the NRA Life of Duty Frontlines team investigates this alarming trend.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hey Team: if you're wondering where is STORMBRINGER . . . ?

Thousand Yard Stare

There's been some rather heavy psycho-drama going on around here and to make matters worse it involves serious business operations and watching an old friend self-destruct . . . so much science fiction I simply have not had the bandwidth to post the simplest analysis on Putin and the Crimea, the Malaysian jet or my usual posts re: the Liberals cutting up this country piecemeal and giving it away to the Unworthy Ones . . .

I'm a busy guy on a slow day and the past week has been anything BUT slow . . . things will rebound to normal, they always do . . . let us look for inspiration to one of the great films of the Seventies:

"There's Got To Be A Morning After" - Theme from the Poseidon Adventure

. . . which is to say one of the worst movies ever . . .


Sunday, March 9, 2014


Staff Sergeant William J. Guarnere (April 28, 1923 – March 8, 2014) was an NCO with Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division during World War II

His awards and decorations.

SSG Guarnere is the definition of an American Hero . . . God Bless him and all his Brothers of the Greatest Generation . . .


Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Pick the Right Rug Cleaner for Your Home

If you have a rug at home, it surely is making everything more beautiful and appealing. Rugs are great because it can instantly improve the entire room you place it. Rugs can likewise be a window to your own personality thus you can showcase yourself by using the color and design in the rugs you use.

But rugs sadly do not stay clean forever. Rugs can be a homeowner's nightmare as it can get very dirty and filthy which would leave you frustrated. What good is a beautiful rug if it remains dirty and unattractive? Well, the answer to your problem is hiring a professional rug cleaner for your home. Yes, rug cleaning professionals are a great way to get your carpets in spotless and in tip top shape. The issue with hiring professional cleaners though is that there are many options thus you may find it hard to pick the right one. If you are having this problem, check out the post below to guide you in your search for the right rug cleaning professional.

• Check Out Online Forums - One of the best ways that you can find the right rug cleaning company is by searching in online forums for potential cleaners that you can choose from. Online forums are great because it gives you information first hand from people who have actually tried using a rug cleaning service in their homes. They will be able to give you insight and feedback on which cleaners to use and which ones to stay away from.

• Ask Referrals From Friends - Another tip that can really help you in finding a good rug cleaner is to ask your friends and acquaintances. This is because being able to find out which professional cleaner does the rug cleaning at your friend's house can really be an eye opener. You can ask your friend about the services that they are using and the results that the rug cleaner is able to provide. This way, you can only choose a cleaner which has always satisfied the rug cleaning needs of your friends.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Thailand’s current political conflict there is a repeat of 2010, 2008, 2006, 1993, 1991, 1973, 1970 . . . all the way back to 1932 . . . S.L.

One Thing to Rule them All?

The Democracy Monument in Bangkok, Thailand

The Democracy Monument was commissioned to honor the coup d-etat of 1932, also known as the Siamese Revolution, when Thailand became a constitutional monarchy. There have been fifteen military coups d-etat since 1932, and three unsuccessful coup attempts. The Democracy Monument is usually center stage for political demonstrations and street protests in Bangkok.

I was in a lot of those coups and revolutions in Thailand.

In 1970 I was in 6th grade at the International School Bangkok.

1970 was a bloodless coup . . .

They rolled the tanks out and the King blessed the coup, which is the way they do it in Thailand. Without the Royal Blessing, any coup will fail. With the King's Blessing, Thailand became a military dictatorship under the Triumvirate of Thanom Kittikachorn, his nephew Narong, and Narong's father-in-law General Praphat.

The Three Tyrants

In 1973 the students rose up and things got bloody, downtown in the political part of town. The military flew helicopter gunships & fired into the crowds.

This was a bad coup.

The King withdrew his Blessing from the Kittikachorn/Praphat team, they left the country and for awhile Thailand enjoyed democracy, with heavy leftist influence. Three years of radical academic-inspired leftist policies followed and Thailand became very dangerous. Several bomb and grenade attacks against students protesting the government and US policies.

One attack originated from the roof of Siam Center (above).

There were bus bombings and the US embassy was laid siege to . . . During this time Saigon & Phnom Penh fell and hordes of refugees showed up telling horrific stories of the communist bloodbaths in Vietnam and Cambodia.

I was in high school at this time, dating girls, going out to the movies and nightclubs in the wildest city in the world.

We all felt like we were living in a movie.

Then in 1978 the right wingers laid seige to Thammasat University - political HQ of the student radicals running the country - and in the ensuing battle - extremely bloody - they revealed TU to be a hive of communist activity.

After they sorted that out there followed a decade-plus of relative stability, until the coups of the early 90s.

By that time I was back in the Kingdom, this time as a military advisor. The guys we were training became a part of the coup activities and so we had to distance ourselves from them. We shut down operations, parked our kit at JUSMAG, went downtown & partied because the airport was shut down and nobody's flying.

It was beyond strange to be there in the city where I'd been an Australian ex-patriate kid, now as an American military advisor . . . hanging out in a hotel room with the local talent . . . watching the columns of smoke rising over the political part of this Southeast Asian city which just so happened to be my home town . . .

It was SURREAL . . .


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


President Obama says we should create harmony by learning Arabic . . . S.L.

The current administration wants us to learn more about Muslims and accept them into our culture.

So, I'm making a sincere effort to learn to communicate with our Muslim friends and learn Arabic for the sake of 'cultural diversity.'

This is my first attempt:

We might as well get on the band wagon . . .


Monday, March 3, 2014


I don't need to over analyze things . . . S.L.

The important things are very simple:

The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim.

The Beltway Snipers were Muslims.

The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim.

The Underwear Bomber was a Muslim.

The USS Cole Bombers were Muslims.

The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims.

The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims.

The London Subway Bombers were Muslims.

The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims.

The Pan-Am Flight #93 Bombers were Muslims.

The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims.

The Iranian Embassy Takeover was by Muslims.

The Beirut US Embassy Bombers were Muslims.

The Benghazi US Consulate Attack was by Muslims.

The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims.

The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims.

The Kenyan US Embassy Bombers were Muslims.

The Saudi Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims.

The Beslan Russian School Attackers were Muslims.

The Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims.

The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims.

The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims.

The simple things are very important.

We are at War and They are The Enemy:

The "Global War On Terrorism" is a misnomer. We are not at war with "Terror". Terror is a tactic, and we don't make war with tactics. We are at war against Fundamentalist Islam. The dilemma is that if we admit this, then the other side has just won; for we will have become as intolerant as they are and our struggle will become fueled by hate.

The way I look at it is that war and conflict are a constant, they've been with us since Cain and Abel and it will not stop this side of the Second Coming. I make my living at it, what's that make me? I like to think I conduct myself with honor and that I'm about defending good and decent people against the evil that is out there.

"If the Arabs laid down their weapons, there would be peace tomorrow. If Israel lays down her weapons, there will be no more Israel." - Benjamin Netanyahu

The same applies to our operations, only difference is they can nuke two of our most important cities and there will still be a United States of America. They take out Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and its over, khalas.

OK - I gotta go . . . busy busy busy today . . . no rest for the wicked . . .



This is pathetic: a serving commander in the Coast Guard auxiliary posing as a SEAL . . . a phony wannabe . . . they busted him out right there on national TV . . . S.L.

The question of course is why? This man had no need to embellish his resume . . . the work he was involved in with the Coast Guard Auxiliary was noble and legitimate . . . why embellish it with fake tin & fruit salad?

Every year they bust out a new one that's been going around like this - guys with standing in the community based on fake medals and fake veteran status. Jim Van Fleet's saga more extraordinary than most because he pulled it off for twenty years in a very public role in a big Navy town, and he got busted during the course of a TV interview. They built him up like its a human interest story, let him lie his ass off then ZING! I never quite saw it done that way before.

They used to get away with it because America is so big and relatively few have served in elite units. The internet has changed the landscape, however. These days we're finding them more & more and busting them out via sites like Veri-SEAL and Stolen Valor.

The craziest episode I'm aware of has to be the case of Admiral Boorda, the Chief of Naval Operations back in the early nineties. Boorda was celebrated because he'd worked his way up from enlisted to 4-star admiral - unheard of in the class-conscious Navy.

Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda

A distinguished soldier-turned-journalist. Colonel David Hackworth, busted Admiral Boorda out for wearing false decorations: phony V for valor devices on the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal service ribbons he wore on his uniform. Boorda was apparently so distraught at these revelations that he committed suicide.

Admiral Boorda had a real cult following, in hindsight I suspected this was self-generated because the Navy brass viewed him as an upstart and an outsider. Boorda got himself in the press, they made a big deal about him chumming it up with the enlisted ranks. "The CNO is just like them and he understands them because he was one of them . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah . . ."

Boorda was a politician - not surprising, that's what it takes to make it to the very top of the heap in the military. In the wake of the Tailhook scandal, Boorda faced unrelenting hostility from a majority of Navy flag officers who believed he had betrayed the Navy by allying himself with Clinton administration demands for reform of the Navy's officer corps. In other words, he was a Liberal, and following his suicide the friends and supporters of Admiral Boorda went after Hackworth.

Colonel David Hackworth was the most decorated US soldier since World War II. He served in Korea & Vietnam, and his accomplishments were legendary. Hackworth was run out of the military on a rail because he criticized the military establishment on how they were mismanaging the Vietnam War, he spoke up about it on television, and then he wrote a bestseller about his odyssey.

Colonel Hackworth was later vindicated because everything he said & wrote about was true. When the Boorda episode played out, CNN and the CBS Evening News questioned the accuracy of Hackworth's own military decorations. Dan Rather tried busting Hackworth out for wearing a Ranger tab when he never went to Ranger school. Hackworth said OK fine you can have it, tossed it down on the table during a TV interview.

The truth of the matter - once they did their homework - was that Hackworth earned that Ranger tab serving in combat in a Ranger unit as an enlisted man in Korea. That was before Ranger School existed. Given how quickly the Korean conflict evolved, Special Operations units were being put together on the ground & thrown into combat.

There are Green Berets who served in joint CIA/Special Forces units with behind-the-lines Korean partisans who never set foot in Fort Bragg, did their Airborne training in Japan, never went through jump school at Fort Benning.

The Liberals of the mainstream press tried to bust Hack because he'd outed their darling CNO whom they'd built a cult around. Hack just laughed in their faces. When he threw down that Ranger tab and took it off his official website & records, the truth emerged about how incredibly heroic his service was in Korea. Nothing they dredged up could stick just because he didn't go through a school that didn't even exist during time of his combat service in a Ranger unit.

Col Hackworths awards and decorations. Ten Silver Stars - count 'em - TEN.

What was weird about the whole thing was the Chief of Naval Operations committing suicide over a couple of V devices on some green weenie ribbons that were otherwise legit. It didn't add up, and that's when the rumors started flying . . .

This whole episode was right on the heels of the USS Iowa incident. The USS Iowa was a World War II era battleship, a huge behemoth, one of the last of the dreadnoughts. It was a naval gunnery exercise, off the coast of Puerto Rico. Something went horribly, horribly wrong, and turret #2 blew up, killing 47 men.

The final independent post-incident investigations determined the explosion was caused by 'pressure ramming' bags of powder charges too fast and hard into a hot breech, and the charge bags spontaneously detonated. As any demo man knows, all it takes is heat and pressure to set off explosives - it does not always require a detonator.

But in the immediate aftermath of the incident, the Navy came up with this whopper of a tall tale about how it was a homosexual love affair gone bad, that a sailor, Clayton Hartwig, who died in the explosion, had deliberately caused it. During the investigation, numerous leaks to the media, later attributed to Navy officers and investigators, implied that Hartwig and another sailor, Kendall Truitt, had engaged in a homosexual relationship and that Hartwig had caused the explosion after their relationship had soured.

On no evidence whatsoever, the Navy brass tarnished this poor kids name and his family suffered for it. They sued and the Navy had to back down their allegations, but the damage had been done. So right after that Admiral Boorda comes along - prior enlisted, he's "really tight with the men" - then he gets busted for the fake V's for Valor . . . then right away he suicides . . .

Right on the heels of all this shame & dishonor with the Iowa incident . . . so the rumors were that he was gay and you can't keep THAT a secret in the Navy, and that was about to come out so he committed sideways . . . none of this was ever substantiated by the way.

Do I believe Admiral Boorda was gay? It's certainly believable and I've seen crazier stuff in the military. Why else would an extremely successful man do such a thing? If he was it doesn't take anything away from his honorable service. Boorda even had a plausible excuse for wearing the V's; the ship he was on at the time - during the Vietnam War - was decorated - ships get medals just like people, they paint them right up there on the superstructure . . . Naval Commendation Medal, Naval Achievement Medal with E for Excellence . . . in this case Boorda received his award at the same time - true, apparently - and he thought he got the V with it.

A close look at his citation would determine the accuracy, but this was by no means a career-ender. In fact former CNO Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, who was Boorda's commander during the Vietnam War and who authorized these devices for Boorda and many others, wrote a letter to the effect that Boorda's wearing of the devices was "appropriate, justified and proper." All Boorda had to do was adjust his rack and drive on. Why would a guy kill himself over a such a relatively little thing like that? It simply does not make sense . . .

Shame and dishonor are powerful drivers. The only possibilities that make sense are that either Boorda was a Russian spy, or he had a few shipboard romances in his sea locker that preceded the Coed Navy - no big deal in the Navy but NEVER DISCUSSED.

"The Navy? Bah! Nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash!" - Winston Churchill

All this on the tail of the Iowa scandal where Navy brass basically scapegoated an innocent man who - because he was dead - couldn't even defend himself.

Admiral Boorda's V devices pale in comparison to the Coast Guard commander's SEAL impersonation . . . his suicide was absolutely tragic, of course, and absolutely unnecessary. Regarding Colonel Hackworth, I'd say he earned that Ranger tab. Ten Silver Stars . . . I've heard of guys with two but even that is extraordinary.