Sunday, February 2, 2014

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We Moderns take mathematics for granted . . . consider, for a moment, the math it takes to construct something as simple - and at the same time as complex - as a Roman aquaduct . . . S.L.

Roman Numerals, as used today, are based on seven symbols:

Numbers are formed by combining symbols together and adding the values. So II is two ones, i.e. 2, and XIII is a ten and three ones, i.e. 13. There is no zero in this system, so 207, for example, is CCVII, using the symbols for two hundreds, a five and two ones. 1066 is MLXVI, one thousand, fifty and ten, a five and a one.

Using the accepted convention of never repeating a symbol more than three times in succession, 3999 is as high as you can go. That is, MMMCMXCIX.

The crazy thing is trying to do even simple arithmetic using Roman numerals.

As far as I can determine, they must have done the calculations for all their architecture and construction using abacus. To prove my point, I present:

The Beauty Of Mathematics !!!

Just Let It Scroll Automatically . . . Sit Back And Watch The Numbers . . .

As great and mighty as the Romans were, you can't do that with their number system. Think about it.



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