Sunday, February 23, 2014

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This is the follow-on Maersk Alabama story to this week's earlier story about the Captain Phillips ship . . .

. . . word came over the secret Special Forces unauthorized back channel freq these guys were using heroin:

These days horse is cheap and easy to come by, it's coming back in the younger circle. It's not like the old tar heroin that had to be cooked down, it's being processed different . . . inject, snort, smoke, what ever makes you happy; the majority are snorting it now. Most likely these guy's shit was "too pure" and they OD'd. Also some is mixed with coke or other chemicals to make speed balls the same as what killed John Belushi and Chris Farley.

The stuff is shockingly common. A colleague reports his brother - a banker at a large, well-known bank - is a user! Apparently, for some people taking a shot of heroin is about like having a daily gin and tonic.

I say you have to be crazy to go near that shit. Heroin is nothing like scotch or gin. Heroin turns people into the lowest kind of life form imaginable who only care about their next fix and will do anything to get it - to include ripping off their own family.

Another retired SFer reports on his first job in Iraq, a fixed site security gig at a small isolated site with no Big Army close by. He had two ex-SEAL heroes there; one was a zit-covered steroid-raging musclehead, the other a drug addict. They would break into the clinic at night and steal syringes, needles and narcs. He had to then keep the narcs on his person 24/7 to stop them, hid the needles and syringes too. When they broke in one night and came up empty handed, in retaliation they emptied cups of dip spit all over his rack. Some seriously dangerous scumbags; one a berserker jacked on steroids and the other on heroin and of course everyone was armed.

If I become aware of that shit being used on any team I'm on, that's it, that individual is PNG'd for life. There is absolutely no room in my left & right limits for illicit narcotics, none whatsoever. You simply cannot trust a drug addict. I even look at a guy real hard depending on what kind of prescription drugs he's on; I have a buddy who's on so many (legitimate) pharmaceuticals - treating everything from pain from HALO injuries and war wounds to PTSD - that he is walking around sedated and for all practical purposes he is non-deployable. These days I don't even take Ambien.



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