Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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3 Ways Ergonomic Furniture Improves Performance And Keeps You Healthy

The majority of us won’t consider the shape of furniture or its potential health benefits when we buy it. However, we spend a lot of time sitting in chairs, relaxing on sofas, and sleeping in beds. Therefore, it is actually quite important to think about whether this furniture is benefitting our health or hindering it. This article will explain a few ways in which ergonomic furniture can help keep you healthy.

It improves your posture

Posture is essential to maintaining healthy muscles and a healthy body. Poor posture most commonly results in back or neck problems, but it also causes some lesser known problems too. Bad posture can reduce the flow of blood through our bodies, making our heart work harder than it needs to. It also has an effect on the respiratory system, and can directly influence the amount of air that can get into our lungs. Standard furniture often does nothing to help our posture. Some furniture can even encourage slouching and poor posture. This should be avoided at all costs. Ergonomic furniture is specially designed with posture in mind. It offers support to your muscles and encourages you to sit or lie in the correct way. Over time, you’ll naturally adapt to looking after your posture, meaning that the furniture can benefit you even when you’re not using it.

Ergonomic furniture can be customised

Now, no two humans are the same. We all come in a massive range of shapes and sizes. This results in the fact that what may be completely suitable to helping the posture of one person may do the complete opposite to another and be detrimental to their posture. The good news is that the majority of ergonomic furniture suppliers design their furniture so that it can be customised to suit your body size and shape. Having customised furniture that is tailored to you ensures that your muscles are getting the most benefit and are being looked after, even when you’re sitting or lying down. You’ll also be able to sit for much longer than normal, as your muscles will be supported, reducing fatigue.

You’ll be able to perform better

Whether you are considering getting ergonomic furniture for business or pleasure, the significance it can have on improving your performance makes it well worth the investment. Basic furniture is uncomfortable. Sit in a basic office chair all day and you’ll know the feeling. Aching shoulders, neck, and back are some of the most common complaints of office workers and people who sit for long periods in basic furniture. These aches and pains can cause distractions, and the distress they can cause can severely limit our ability to focus. Headaches have also been associated with poor posture and muscle strain, so good furniture can even help to combat those nasty migraines when they decide to pay us a visit. Ergonomic furniture is the perfect solution for reducing aches and pains. Reduced aches and pains mean you’ll be less focused on yourself and more focused on the task in hand.


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