Friday, January 31, 2014

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A gift, from a member of Team STORMBRINGER . . . S.L.

It came from the U.K. all wrapped up in brown paper and tape.

It is Hiberniea Delineatio - an Atlas of Ireland - by Sir William Petty, 1685. This is a limited edition 1968 reprint, one of only five hundred copies.

This is the top of the Table of Contents. Each of Ireland's four provinces - the ancient kingdoms of Ulster, Leinster, Munster and Connaught - have a large map, then each county of each province has a large, highly detailed map on it's own page.

Galway, visited this place on vacation in '86, six months prior to going "down the street" into the Q Course. A lovely place. Tooled all the way up to Ulster; County Down, Belfast, the Antrim coast, Giants Causeway, then back down to Galway. Lovely memories . . .

Connaught, where my people are from. As close as I can determine, they are from Mayo, or perhaps a place just north of Galway. I really should research this.

There is only one proper way to absorb and digest all this information, of course.

Special Thanks to Special Agent SUPERFREAK for a Very Special Gift!



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