Sunday, December 29, 2013

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In response to question posed on Friday how to say yea or nay the “Birds of Stormy”? May I direct your attention to our annual "Should the BIRDS of STORMBRINGER Remain?" poll, upper right . . . S.L.

Some Thoughts On The Matter . . .

Is the phenomenon legit? Do “all” of the conservative blogs feature scantily clad ladies?

A brief perusal of conservative sites reveals a definite pattern: the better sites seem to present a bevy of bouncing babes (sorry couldn’t resist). There are the sites with tastefully done artistic pics of women, there are sites of raunchy women and there are sites where I wonder if the host ever got past 6th grade. My mentor & Wunderkind of the Blogosphere Theo Spark seems to hold the prize for the most drooling over “bounce”.

Well I've been taken to task over The Birds by friends, relatives and colleagues. "Drop the Birds," they say, "if you wish to be taken seriously." I am accused of posting pornography on STORMBRINGER - something I have never done. Proof positive: I have never received the dreaded 'Adult Content' warning - not even on the StormySix back page.

Then I point out to my dear friends, relatives and colleagues that the national-level rags they work for feature a porn star on the editorial staff, promoted the pornographic Shades of Grey book series, to include explicit excerpts of the naughtiest bits:

Pure filth & smut - albeit done in a tasteful way - promoted as the epitome of literature.

Then there's this: liberal darling Anderson Cooper - he of the national-level 24-hour news network where one of my detractors is a contributor - recently found it necessary to share this anecdote regarding his mother's personal life.

Really? REALLY?

Let me see if I get it - self-promoting porn stars discussing pornography, national journals presenting explicit snippets of it, and discussing details of your mother's extracurricular activities on national TV are somehow within bounds for the cultural elite, but presenting buxom babes in bathing suits and lingerie is somehow unacceptable? Hello?

You know it’s a free country and freedom of speech and all that if you can’t handle a bit of skin, then look away, we ain't trying to change the world here we just want to live free and pursue happiness. For what it's worth, there's more acres of pink flesh in a Porky Pig film festival than you'll ever see on STORMBRINGER.

Fear The Fans

A reader opines: "Is this the image we need to portray to the world? An image of God, Country and Family is, is what I thought Conservatism stands for. Those images should reflect a graciousness, a culture of inclusion, a certain genteel attitude. Maybe even a modicum of discreetness."

This is as rude as we've ever gotten here at STORMBRINGER.

Do I really think that an in-your-face display of cheesecake is a way to get Flyover Country mothers to go Conservative? That’s partly why use the “Stormy Six” side of STORMBRINGER for The Birds.

Okay, so I'm contradicting my moral fiber with g-string fiber but H-E-E-E-Y-Y-Y . . . I am a male, don’t ya know!

Let me ask America a question: since when are we Conservatives supposed to be puritans? If anything, it's Liberals who are puritanical with their political correctness, the total feminization of American society, the quest to desexualize society and to make it a crime for men to ogle or look at or admire or otherwise fantasize about women.

Check it out: this Bird's a Christian!

I am an American first . . . a Conservative second . . . and a Republican a distant third (only because voting the other way is simply unthinkable) . . . I am comfortable enough in my masculinity to admit that I like women, chicks, girls, femmes, dames, broads, lassies, skirts and members of the other sex, and am mature enough to be able to look upon the beauty of the female without guilt, shame or anxiety. It is an interesting landscape worth exploring! Some days, after I’ve fought the good fight against the Liberal bastards, it’s nice to come home and just visually get primal. There is something centering about viewing a lass with certain . . . < ahem! > . . . "assets" . . .

. . . anyway I've seen more naked women in the Vatican than I ever saw in the pages of STORMBRINGER!

Merle Haggard playing on the Marty Stuart Show:

You can see every toke, shot, line of coke on that guy's face but boy can Merle play and sing!!! Still has that mellow sound that soothes my soul. You just know that guy has stories that shouldn’t be told in polite company, but you still accept and love him anyway. I wonder if that isn’t the way we need to get folks back to what this country is all about. We need to have the mellow sounds of freedom come forth while we look past the base human offerings.

That’s it for now, lost the muse . . . hat tip to Steve . . . don't forget to vote in the poll . . .



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