Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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In this Holiday Season in the fifth year of President Sarah Palin's administration America looks back with gratitude and satisfaction, thanks largely to her strong and steady hand on the tiller of the Ship of State.

The selection of a strong and unquestionable Conservative as running mate by America's notorious aisle-crossing maverick John McCain was a stroke of brilliance that won him the 2008 election against the flash-in-the-pan charismatic Obama. As if anyone thought for a moment an absolute nobody who'd voted 'present' almost three hundred times ever stood a chance against a bona-fide American war hero and a frontier state governor with a strong record of problem solving who ingeniously proclaimed "Drill, Baby, Drill!"

Thank goodness Americans listened to their inner voice and not the over-the-top propaganda of the Left-Leaning Mainstream Media, and that the Dark Horse did not win - between his endorsement by America-hating terrorist Bill Ayers, mentorship by the racist Reverend Wright, and his infatuation with socialist share-the-wealth policies, an Obama win in '08 coupled with the Democratic House and Senate would have been disastrous during the dark days of the credit crisis and the market meltdown of '08-'09.

Instead of running the printing presses over at the Treasury in some kind of Government bait-and-switch economic shell game a la Weimar Republic and running up the debt to greater than the entire history of Human Civilization to the point it could never be paid off, not even the interest, McCain listened to the steady voice of a woman's intuition.

This same woman was able to bring Congressional leadership together in the spirit of common sense, leadership and bipartisanship and bring about a record volley of tax cuts and spending cuts that solved the financial crisis and salvaged our national economy. Certainly there was a hiccup throughout the financial markets that reverberated on Main Street, but it was much less damaging than if McCain had followed FDRs example and expanded government programs exponentially, to the effect of unnecessarily extending the Great Depression another nine years.

But the old sailor was not to see the success of their bold gambit - the hard years in the Hanoi Hilton had taken their toll on his health and the old ticker did not see out the first six months of the McCain Administration. President Palin oversaw the ceremonies during the days of National Mourning for this honorable War Hero with grace and aplomb, and a grateful Nation breathed a collective sigh of relief that we had such a charismatic personage to lead us during the second decade of Global War on Towelheadism.

As promised the cure for the economic disaster (brought about from decades of irresponsible Liberal policies forcing financial institutions to make loans to those who would ordinarily never qualify for mortgages on the grounds they are simply bad credit risks) was not an easy road. There was belt tightening all around; to lead by example the President and First Dude took humble vacations - more like time off - in their RV on the grounds of the Northwestern Whitehouse out in Wasilla. The Secret Service had to gain their sea legs during outings on Tod Palin's commercial fishing vessel. Following the example of Bush 44, President Palin has chosen not play golf while American servicemen and women are deployed in "overseas contingency combat operations". Her own son is a serving US Infantryman, after all.

But her courageous stewardship took off, and five years on America was not only recovered but excelling beyond the powerful economy of the Bush years. President Palin's personal knowledge of the oil industry and her determination to not let the caribou and the owls stand in the way of common-sense recovery of the national economy led to prosperity at home and a strong security posture on the world stage. Our President bowed to no foreign tyrants nor oriental potentates, and the despised terrorist enemy cowered away from all symbols of American might, for everyone knows never to mess with a Mama Grizzly's cubs.

Thank goodness the American people took heart in this real-life rogue governor from the most distant outlying state over the phony sophistication of an unknown rookie Senator from the most corrupt state in the Union whom the press embraced in near orgasmic tingles up legs and fawned over creases in trouser legs. How ironic that it was mockery and satire, in the form of Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey who mouthed "I can see Russia from my house!" that drove then doubtful Sarah Palin's popularity over the top.

But then, sadly, I awoke to the alarm on my NSA-tracked smartphone, and Reality struck me in the cold, hard light of Dawn. With a sigh I realized my dream was over . . .

. . . and our long national nightmare continues . . .



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