Thursday, December 5, 2013

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We've got somewhere between 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants - wait a minute we're not allowed to call them that anymore - er ... undocumented aliens . . . no that's not right either . . . whatever this Orwellian Regime is folding the truth to label them this week . . . S.L.

In keeping with the ongoing soap opera that American politics has become, now it it time for Amnesty to enter center stage . . . make no mistake about it - anything labelled Immigration Reform is all about giving them total amnesty so the Democratic Party can sign them all up as Democrat voters for life and the Republicans true-to-form are bending over, spreading their collective cheeks and offering up the bunghole . . .

Well I'm an immigrant AND I'm a citizen plus I'm a veteran of course and this is what I have to say about it - this is the STORMBRINGER immigration policy:

You want to come into this country to work? No problem, we've got work that needs to be done and we need you to do it. Come over here and get in line. Get a number and get a card - WITH an electronic number on it. You can't work without it, AND we're going to tax you on every penny you make while you're up here.

Oh - did I mention there's a screening process? If you've got a criminal record, or if you have TB or HIV - sorry Charlie you go back to where you came from. Just like with the LEGAL immigrants.

You're welcome to come to our country to work. You've got five years on that work permit of yours. After that you go back home and that's it. And any kids you have while you're up here ain't US citizens. Just as if you're from one of the countries you came from - your kids are of the country you came from. When you go back, you take them back with you.

Amnesty? You want amnesty? OK - there's amnesty. If you sign up to serve in the military - AND qualify for service - then after three years you can apply for naturalization. Just like I did it. Just like in the Roman Empire.

That's the STORMBRINGER policy. What you say? That's too extreme? How odd - that's the standards I had to meet to immigrate, and to become a United States citizen.

Who says that? I say that.



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