Sunday, November 24, 2013

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They say "Charity begins at home" and I like that sentiment. Susan is of my circle of friends and family and she needs help. Her situation is urgent, so I am taking the extraordinary step of reaching out the only way I know how. If STORMBRINGER were to stop tomorrow and never continue, but the contributions raised via this post buy Susan hope for the future, this would be a worthy thing. Please do what you can, and I personally thank you - S.L.

Susan Tabar - Writer/Publicist/Political & Media Consultant

Anne-of-a-Thousand-Days writes:

I met Susan Tabar through a mutual friend who himself passed away from cancer. Susan, a vibrant and energetic writer, publicist and political & media consultant, has led a valiant fight against a rate form of blood cancer.

What is amyloidosis?

There are few doctors who have knowledge of this kind of cancer. The only treatment is still experimental and painful. She is going through two phases of treatment and then on to a bone marrow transplant.

Treatment is not covered by insurance and Susan has exhausted all her means to continue. To finish her phase 1 & 2 treatment she needs $7000. For the transplant, it is quite a bit more.

One of Susan's friends has set up a crowd funding website to raise money to help her.

Please click HERE to learn more.

To confirm that this is legit, here is also a physical address for donations:

Friends Helping Susan
P.O. Box 406
Birmingham, MI 48012

Please consider giving whatever you can, no matter how much that may be. Every little bit helps. Please open your heart and donate what you can.

I thank you.



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