Monday, September 2, 2013

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September is here and that means one thing - AFLFinals!

Australian Rules Football is Australia's very own game, and it is simply the best of all the world's football games. Aussie Rules is played on a cricket oval and no two ovals are the same size, they vary from 150 meters to 250 meters. Derived from Gaelic football and played somewhat like soccer - except the players can pick up the ball and run with it three paces before either passing or bouncing the ball. That's right, BOUNCING. Passing is either by kicking the ball or punching it. That's right, PUNCHING.

The game is fast, very dynamic and the players are extremely athletic. Deriders mockingly refer to Australian Rules as "aerial ping-pong. You can call it what you like - to play this game, one must be very big, very fast, powerfully strong and extremely fit.

Because of the emphasis on kicking the ball to pass it, and the enormous fields Aussie Rules is played on, Australian footballers are renowned for their ability to kick the ball incredibly long distances. If you have never seen this game played, I encourage you to watch now and see for yourself. Even those who are not sports fanatics will be captived by this amazing game.

The Legendary Collingwood-Carlton Rivalry

Very pleased to see that my mighty, mighty Collingwood Magpies are still in the running. For this year's finals I can also follow Carlton, The Blues - which is a fantastic name for a football team and is the team my family traditionally barracks for. It would please me no end if Carlton and Collingwood made it to the Grand Final - that would be a BATTLE ROYAL!

Me, I go with the 'Pies. What can I say? I've always been the black sheep of my family. Cheers,



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