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Don’t Let Your Home Security System Get Left Behind The Times

As everyone surely knows, the times are a-changing: we are now well into the 21st century and technology has furnished us with a remarkable variety of amenities and luxuries beyond our wildest dreams just a few years back. Equally importantly, the technological advances that seemed to be only within the grasp of the rich and elite not that long ago are now well within the reach of the working middle class, the backbone of our nation. This holds particularly true within the realm of home security technology: the methods of protection and monitoring and the individual technologies that seemed taken from a sci-fi novel are now donning the homes of ordinary families throughout the nation. Of course, some people have failed to appreciate these changes and never made a point of bringing their security systems up to date (but still within their budget constraints). This article intends to shed light on the matter in hopes that such individuals will take urgent steps to right their wrong and help imbue communities throughout the country with a greater degree of security, both real and perceived.
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Home Security System

The first upgrade many people ought to be thinking about deals with the switch to wireless technologies that many home security providers have adopted. Though most people think about internet connections when they hear the term “wireless,” in this context it has to do with the communications guaranteeing effective security within and around a home. The various magnetic door and window sensors installed as part of a home’s security system used to all be hardwired to the central console, whereas today it is preferable to use wireless transmitters with battery packs. The reason for this is that hardwired systems are more vulnerable and can be bypassed by clever crooks in a jiffy, while wireless protection puts up a much more effective and impervious wall against criminal minds and deeds.

Furthermore, home security customers should be considering what upgrades they can implement in the communications between their home and their provider’s monitoring center. This line of communications is quite literally the home residents’ lifeline, as it will enable dispatchers to detect a problem and send police, fire or medical assistance (as the case may be). Rather than staying with simply a land line connection, many homes today are outfitted with an alternative, backup cell tower communications line that can be used in the case that something should go wrong with the land line. That means that hurricanes, earthquakes and cable-cutter-equipped criminals notwithstanding, you and your family will be guaranteed the help you need and deserve.

Home Security System
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Finally (within the scope of this article, not within the universe of home security advances!), there is the option of boosting your system’s wall unit to a highly functional two-way voice intercom machine. This implies improvements to the speakers and microphone used in the wall unit so that it can pick up a resident’s voice from just about any place within the house, meaning that no matter where you are inside you’ll be able to communicate with the live dispatcher. A real lifesaver, this is one upgrade just about any home security system owner should be thinking about getting.


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