Saturday, August 18, 2012

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An editor over at the Huffington Post who shall remain unnamed because she is related to me (I've given her the code name Echo Golf) recently busted me out over the BIRDS OF STORMBRINGER.

According to Echo Golf, The BIRDS are pornography and they exploit women.

OH YEAH ? ? ? Well how uptight is THAT? I pointed out that A) I have never and will never post pornography on STORMBRINGER and B) there is a valid cultural purpose behind The BIRDS - what I’m trying to achieve is a throwback to the old days when they had cheesecake pics on the back of Soldier magazine.

In researching for today's post, I clicked over to The Huffington Post and this is the kind of tripe I found on the front page:

Shirtless Paul Ryan Pic Emerges
And the point here is . . . ? ? ?

PHOTO: Did The Little Mermaid Get A Boob Job?
Seriously? SERIOUSLY? We're supposed to be getting excited here over a DISNEY CARTOON CHARACTER ? ? ?

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Goes Braless, Flashes Serious Side Boob Like big deal and who really gives a whup-de-do? We've all seen her naked and she ain't that hot to begin with . .

and on the Entertainment page:

Your Shirt Is TOTALLY See-Though, Miley Cyrus
Big whup - nothing to see here . . . move along . . .

I post women in bikinis and underwear; a celebration of female beauty, a bit of eye-relief, and my way of saying don't take things too seriously.

Somehow to a Liberal this equals pornography.

The Huffington Post, on the other hand, seems to have an unbalanced OBSESSION with skin.

There are a lot of uptight puritans out there - al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Ahmadinejad to name a few - these guys are THE ENEMY; they enslave and totally exploit women.

We Crusaders on the other hand LOVE women - all kinds of women to include broads, dames, chicks, babes, bimbos, sheilas and members of the female sex. We embrace women, we perform gallant deeds and fight and die for them, and we are mature enough to look at scantily clad women without having an aneurysm. Come to think of it, I've seen more skin inside the Vatican than I ever posted here.

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"



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