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Fellowes Microshred Ms-450cs Micro Shred Paper Shredder Review

If you're looking for a high-quality, medium-duty, deskside paper shredder that offers a high level of security, you needn't look any further than the Fellowes Microshred MS-450Cs. This is a top-notch product from Fellowes that combines great safety features and thoughtful little touches with what's really important: document security. For a relatively low price (under $300.00), Fellowes' MS-450Cs provides an extremely high level of security and it not only can destroy paper, it can decimate other types of media quickly and quietly, making this shredder a great choice for both the home and office.

One of the first things that's noticeable about the MS-450Cs is how quiet it is. Indeed, it's so quiet you can barely hear it working at all, so this shredder would be great for a shared workspace or reception area. The shredder is also very safe to use, so it'd be a welcome addition to homes containing young children and/or pets. Fellowes has given the machine with its patented SafeSense technology which causes the shredder to immediately shut off if it detects hands - or anything other than paper - anywhere near the opening, so you and your loved ones will be safe. (The machine also stops when a jam occurs, thus preventing damage to the machine.) Other features include casters for easy transport, a generous wastebasket capacity of 4.5 gallons, and an additional chamber for media waste. Also, the basket area has a shelf for easy storage of shredder oil and wastebasket bags.

about the MS-450Cs
Fellowes Microshred Ms-450cs Micro Shred

The noise and safety factors are great features to have, but what's truly amazing about the MS-450Cs is its shredding capability. This is a cross-cut machine that can shred just about anything you put into it including paper, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. (Staples can be put in, too.) This paper shredder can shred up to seven sheets of paper at a time (less if you're shredding non-paper materials) and it can run continuously for 8 to 10 minutes. And best of all, the MC-450Cs pulverizes paper, producing very small paper particles. Identity thieves don't have a chance of stealing any information from documents that are passed through this machine, so the MS-450Cs is the perfect choice if you're concerned about identity theft.

That said, the MS-450Cs' main strength is also its drawback, in a way. The shreds this machine produces are so fine, it's very easy to make a big mess with them. Be sure to be careful when changing or emptying the wastebasket, unless you want to be vacuuming up paper shreds. (And really, who wants to do that?) Also, some users may want to shred more than seven pages at a time. If that's the case, a different shredder would be a wise choice. Offices that are looking for a shredder to share among a number of users may find that the MS-450Cs is a little bit small for that application. A shredder with a larger bin, larger sheet capacity and wider throat may be nice for sharing in a workgroup or department.

Overall, the MS-450Cs is the perfect paper shredder for individuals and businesses who are concerned about document security. If you're looking to safeguard your private information, get the MS-450Cs today and rest easy tonight, knowing your personal data won't wind up in the hands of identity thieves when you use this shredder. This is a great shredder to place beside or underneath your desk to make shredding of confidential documents easy and convenient.


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