Monday, July 9, 2012

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Taliban Publicly Execute Woman Near Kabul, Afghanistan

CONTENT WARNING: This is the real deal.

from Donald Douglas - posted at Theo Spark

A lot of the clips I've seen have been edited, but here's the original language video out of Afghanistan. The tribesman are seen handing a Kalashnikov to the man, who then takes two shots and misses, and then drills the women in the back of the head on the third. Her body whips back and she falls to the ground. The man keeps firing. I didn't count but some say he fired nine rounds in all, with at least 100 village men cheering him on . This is the dark ages of barbarity in our very own day and age, and the Obama administration has called the Taliban a "peace partner."

See: "VIDEO: Taliban Execute Woman in Parwan Province, Afghanistan"

This is a graphic video, so don't click if you get queasy.


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