Friday, June 22, 2012

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Photos from today's Gay Pride event at the White House:

Why do you demand respect when you lack the capacity to show respect? Why do you hate when you demand for the "hate" to stop?

As everybody can now see for themselves, the entire Gay Pride agenda is totally out of control. Here we see Gay activists from Philadelphia giving the middle finger to the portrait of President Ronald Reagan at the White House.

This is a blatant display of disrespect. Why would anyone be so disrespectful in the White House? This shows hatred for the USA, our culture, and our White House.
It also shows that you and your kind are scum . . . this sickens me . . .

Last week, I was in Boston on business. One of the last images I had of that city - looking down from a highway overpass circling into the departures area of Logan Airport - was a World War I memorial featuring a doughboy statue. What really caught my attention was the rainbow flag in front of this statue, alongside the American flag and the POW/MIA flag.

I did a double take, then imagined this possible is associated with the Department of Defense announcement of Gay Pride month, and associated ceremonies to take place at the Pentagon, and elsewhere.

I've been looking everywhere on the web for a photo of the WWI doughboy statue at Logan Airport in Boston, but I can't seem to find one.

When I expressed my disgust at this to a co-worker, his comment; "Don't you think there were gay people who suffered and died in that war? Don't they deserve to be recognized?"

Of course there were homosexuals amongst the millions of souls who fought in World War I. It's also besides the point. There ALREADY IS a flag for the gay people who died in World War I, who died in every war our country has had, and who serve to this day:

Her name is Old Glory and if you need any other kind of flag then you're part of the problem with the whole Liberal agenda: they seek to Balkanize Americans into groups, by race, by color & creed. This is not the way America works. We are all Americans; not African-Americans, Asian-Americans Irish-Americans, or now this new sub-category Gay-Americans.

WE ARE AMERICANS and we are strongest when we all come together for the common good. It only strengthens our enemies when they see us divided and pitted against one another - imagine how they are laughing at us today, with this latest outrage.


Because I am about to be pilloried as anti-gay and homophobic (whatever that means) - here is the official party line on STORMBRINGER's take on homosexuality and the entire issue of gays in the military, etc:

Homosexuality has been with us since the Old Testament; it's part of the human condition. To this day, nobody knows whether it is due to external causes during upbringing, or genetic reasons. The Gay gene has not been found. This means for all we know, homosexuality is nothing more than a preference, a form of hedonism. (If a Gay gene IS found, then this will present a serious dilemma Liberal Gays who currently are for the "Pro-Choice" abortion agenda; AND pose some serious questions on Darwinism.)

I have known people in the military who are homosexual. A few of them tried to hide it, but it was kind of obvious. A few of them couldn't deal with the situation, and left the military - I would suggest they wouldn't adapt to the military regardless of their sexual orientation. One of the best commanders I ever had was as camp as a row of tents, we all knew it and it didn't matter one way or the other. I actually helped put this guy through the "Q" Course (although I wasn't aware of his sexual orientation at the time), he was a good leader and we appreciated having him around, as opposed to a man of lesser caliber. Then one day out in Carthage, North Carolina I encountered him with his Boy Scout troop - I sh*t you not - and I lost all respect for the man.

Human sexuality is as varied as the colors in the spectrum - we've got something for everybody. I personally could care less what your kink is. We all have our kink - all I say is just keep it in the closet where it belongs.

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"



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