Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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I found this gem on the worthy site SOFREP - I don't know if the guy who posted it, or the folk who commented, are aware that this is basically the Robin Sage scenario; the monumental Special Forces unconventional warfare training event which continues to this day - and the fact they're wearing their berets with flash & crest means this is the sixties not the fiftes.

FYI "unconventional warfare" is the doctrinal name for what is loosely described as guerrilla warfare. This purpose of this training is not to prepare America for a Red Dawn scenario; rather it is to address the kind of political background of these kind of struggles, and to train Special Forces for irregular tactics. The model is occupied France in World War II.


According to the poll results so far, I guess people want the Birds to stay - alrighty then! Today's Bird HERE


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