Sunday, May 13, 2012

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We had a little get-together yesterday, to celebrate the beginning of the Season of Grilling Meat. At one stage in the conversation it was pointed out that time-honored truism: a Liberal is simply a Conservative who hasn't been mugged yet. I remarked that no matter how flaming, left-wing a Liberal is, any and all arguments regarding the death penalty go right out the window the second you bring up child-rapists.

Tooling around the 'net today I found
THIS GEM from member of Team STORMBRINGER Oswald Bastable:


"There are no words strong enough to describe the horror captured in the images collected by child abuser Stephen John Laing.

There is also no way to prevent the 28-year-old, upon his release from jail, soliciting more material to trade in the murky online world he's created from inside his West Auckland home.

"He's had all the help in the world that's available to him and this is still happening," Judge Claire Ryan said at a court hearing a few days ago.

She sent the IT graduate to jail for a further five years. It was his fourth conviction . . ."

In another article - regarding the permanent incarceration of the worst of these sick fuckers - it was mentioned that the UN objects to indefinite imprisonment.


In my family we have a Standard Operating Procedure for this sort of scumbag, and it does not involve the Judicial System. And the UN can go to hell - I don't remember being given the opportunity to vote for them, one way or the other.

In the words of the inimitable Judge Roy Bean: "I never saw a horse that needed stealin', but I seen a lot of men who needed hangin'."



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