Monday, April 30, 2012

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Blog STORMBRINGER has reached a decision point . . . the conversation went like this:

StormBringer: I'm conducting a poll.

Echo Golf: What about?

StormBringer: I was just wondering your thoughts on today’s Bird?

Echo Golf: Will look in a bit. On deadline!

StormBringer: I just want to know if I went too far this time - I've been pinging all the ladies in my harem; so far nobody’s come back to me . . . do I offend?

Echo Golf: Is it just a photo with no essay? Then you don’t offend, you are maybe gratuitously putting up a photo you find sexy.

StormBringer: That’s from the Birds of StormBringer – embedded within the regular StormBringer site, but you have to know where to click to go there. There usually not as . . . uh . . . ‘obvious’ as this bird.

Echo Golf: Fine. If that’s what you do is bring a Page Three girl to your audience. But if I were your wife I would worry that you are hard up . . . if my DiDi did this I would panic.


BTW that’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish with the Birds of Stormbringer – a Page 3 girl. I’ve been advised to consider getting rid of the Birds – I don’t understand why?

Echo Golf: Because frankly it’s kind of creepy. You’re not News of the World. My stepbrother did this on his Facebook. Everyone was grossed out. It just seems kind of middle-aged pathetic, to be blunt.

StormBringer: Hmmm never looked at it that way. This is different – this is not Facebook; this is STORMBRINGER. What I’m trying to achieve is a throwback to the old days when they had cheesecake pics on the back of Soldier magazine.

Echo Golf: It is still not News of the World. If you want to be taken seriously cut the cheesecake. DiDi was right. In any case that’s my take. Not going to debate. But for most it’s creepy.

StormBringer: Your DiDi also advised me I should be careful with the blog – I didn’t understand where he was coming from.

Echo Golf: Your call. On deadline.

StormBringer: I guess I’m just a walking anachronism.

Echo Golf: No one wants to be seen as an old perv! What works at 20 . . .

StormBringer: Yeah . . . . . . OK I’ll put the poll up on STORMBRINGER.

HEY! It just occurred to me YOU GUYS run all sorts of pics of strippers & whores!

Echo Golf: We only post such pics (and never like this) when it illustrates a story. Not for it’s own sake.
Simply ask yourself what does your daughter think when she sees you dance?

Now what does she think when her old man posts soft porn on his website?

StormBringer: Where have you EVER seen pornography on STORMBRINGER?

Echo Golf: I said soft porn. Which is what this photo is.

StormBringer: This is not pornography by any stretch of the imagination – I’ve seen ruder stuff in the Vatican!

Echo Golf: You asked my opinion and there it is. It’s pervy.

I think I get it: THIS is "art" and "culture" . . .

. . . THIS is pornography:


StormBringer: Back in the days when pornography was illegal, my stuff would be 100% legal to send in the US mail.

Echo Golf: Fine. I do not have time for text debate. Publish it if that’s what you want to do. You asked my opinion that is it. For a second opinion go ask your wife.

StormBringer: In fact if my stuff was porn Blogger would slap a warning adult content over it.

(Later) BTW you’re the only member of the Women’s Auxiliary who even responded to me on this issue.

(Later still) OK – SB Women’s Auxiliary poll results: so far it’s 50-50 on the Birds.

(MORE later) BTW I want you to know that as we enter the political season I am seriously considering your guidance . . .

NOTE TO READERS: The reason I'm doing this poll (you will see it upper right corner of the blog, a little while after I get this post up) is that two individuals whose opinion I respect have advised me to ditch the cheesecake. I never intended this blog to be taken too seriously but now that politics is becoming a security issue I am forced to re-think my format. Read on below - S.L.

StormBringer: I'm conducting a poll.

Tango Foxtrot: OK. A poll on what?

StormBringer: I was just wondering your thoughts on today’s Bird?

Tango Foxtrot: She's hot! But her boobs are too big . . .

StormBringer: I just want to know if I went too far this time - I've been pinging all the ladies in my harem; so far nobody’s come back to me . . . do I offend?

Tango Foxtrot: No problem here . . .

Tango Foxtrot's a good sport - our conversation went back and forth about art vs. porn, am I an artist or a pervert . . . is SHE an artist or a female pervert? The kind of inspired conversation STORMBRINGER is SUPPOSED to provoke. Speaking of thought-provoking material . . . today's Bird HERE


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