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Retirees May Lose TRICARE Prime

November 07, 2011

According to reports, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has stepped up his push to block working age retirees from using TRICARE Prime. McCain suggested to the powerful 12-member Joint Select Committee on Debt Reduction it would help avoid spending cuts that would directly impact readiness.

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Thanks alot McCain, I'm sorry I voted for your sorry RINO ass. Of course, I only voted for you because the alternative was unthinkable - but it's not as if there was a Conservative in the running, and this latest caper of yours confirms it.

What do you care, McCain? You're a made man for life: Daddy's an admiral, Academy Grad, certified War Hero, Senator. You're the epitome of everything that's wrong with our system; the living embodiment of the old Roman Patrician class.

Cuts have got to be made, and Lord knows you can't cut all those bazillian-dollar wasteful weapons programs, because that'd cut into all your Star Fleet Command officer buddy's slice of the pie, and we can't have that. Just like it's beyond your puny imagination to consider a ten percent across-the-board cut on all budgetary items - even though with all the waste in the Department of Defense they'd never miss it. Oh HELL no - here's a better idea: let's stick it to the veterans - les enfants - "those who cannot speak."

"That's right! I'm Maverick John McCain, and what do I care? I got mine, 
so what if I put the kibosh on yours? You know what they say, G.I.: 
Sorry 'bout that sh*t; better you than me!"

Well let me tell you about me, and twenty three million other guys like me: I gave the most productive years of my life, my health, a little piece of my soul and a good chunk of my sanity to Uncle Sam's Mean, Lean, Killing Machine; and the medical-coverage-for-life lie was a rude shock we all learned about back during the Clinton years. So now we pay for it - not a lot but not a little either. I need to save money, McCain, because unlike you I ain't rich, and I need to put my kids thru college. I work like a galley slave and I haven't had a vacation in at least five years: I need to scrimp and save every penny because military retirement isn't worth doodley-squat and what little we get in disability they turn around and take right out of our retirement.

Take note, America; this is where this Obamacare thing leads to. So much for your "free" Government healthcare; take it away from the single most deserving segment of our society - the veterans.

And you do it in November, no less - the Month of Honor. That's real classy, McCain. You got real style, got to hand it to you. You rat f*ckin' bastard.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about Senator McCain's proposals.

Question: How many veterans are there in the United States?

Answer: According to U.S. Census 2006 projections, there are 23,977,000 veterans living within households in the United States (U.S. Census: National Security & Veterans Affairs). 17,261,000 (nearly 72%) of all U.S. veterans are over the age of 50 which also contributes to the growing need of access to quality health care.

Dirty Little Secret: We're all Tea Partiers - each and every one of us - and unlike the MTV Generation, we actually get out there and vote. You think 2010 was an eyeopener? That was just a wake-up call. You wait and see what we've got in store for you for 2012; it's going to make the Night of the Long Knives look like a Sunday School Picnic.


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