Saturday, November 5, 2011

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"I will never stand for national anthem again. I will turn my back and I will raise fist . . ." - Jesse Ventura

Former Governor of Minnesota, ex-Navy SEAL and former wrestling star Jesse Ventura has added another credential to his resume: professional Whiner and big time Media Cry Baby:

Judge Tosses TSA Case; Lawyer told ruling 'national security'

ST. PAUL, Minnesota — So upset by the dismissal of his airport security lawsuit that he threatened Friday to apply for dual citizenship so he can spend more time in his beloved Mexico — or run for president of what he labeled "the Fascist States of America."

If that is what you have to say about America, then I say to you: "Good riddance to bad rubbish!" - America isn't about you, Jesse. Never was and never will be. America is about "Ask not what your country can do for you, rather, ask what you can do for your country."

I didn't fly those planes into those buildings; in fact, I have dedicated my life to protecting America and the Free World against the guys who would kill each and every one of us, given half the chance. But I have to stand in line to get on planes, take my shoes off, dump my drink bottle and toothpaste and everything else along with all the rest of us. And I have had to do this even back when I was a green-suiter, and even now more than ever; security clearance, credentials and blue ID card notwithstanding.

Ventura alleges that airport scans and pat-downs amount to unreasonable search and seizure. A district judge threw out his lawsuit Thursday, ruling it should have been filed in a Circuit Court of Appeals.

Ventura has said a titanium hip implanted in him in 2008 sets off metal detectors and that agents previously used hand-held wands to scan his body. He said he was subjected to a body pat-down after an airport metal detector went off last November. Ventura said he hasn't flown since and won't fly commercially again.

You know what I say to that, Jessie? I say "Tough tittie, suck it up like the rest of us." What, a big, bad man like you can't handle being frisked in the name of national security? Is that all it takes for you to turn your back on your country? That's pretty lame, if you ask me.

Remember what the bumper sticker used to say?

You can't take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen. This is the United States of America - it's a free country and oh by the way this country made you rich and famous, you hypocrite. If you don't like it here, the border's that-a-way. You can take all your whiner 99%-er OWS friends with you, and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

That's right, I'm talking to YOU Big Boy. You got something to say to my face, Jesse, you can find me. You can start by clicking on the link, over there to the right. I ain't some dumb reporter you can blow your horn in front of a bunch of cameras and microphones. And don't think you're anybody special; like you I defended this country. UNLIKE you I love my country and I don't like seeing her disgraced.




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