Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Hokay Team -

It looks like Kindle is the way to go with this self-publishing thing. I just downloaded the freeware - you can do it too; that way you can read the novel as I crank it out, chapter by chapter.

The entire project is starting to come together and I might actually post the first chapter this weekend - "God willing and the river don't rise."

A question I fired out to my cabal of writer friends & family (I come from a family of writers): "Should I write my novel in the 1st person or 3d person? Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness in the 1st person; MacLean wrote Where Eagles Dare in the 3d person- which is best for my work?"

During alpine training in 10th Group we used to always kid about: "When do we train for doing the ice-axe battle on top of the cable car?

More details to follow as I get my head around the techie side of this project.

Thanks all of you for all of your support -




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